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    TUS-EST Holds an Online Conference for Report of Advanced Deeds to Support Wuhan and Deployment of Resumption of Work and Production
    Release:2020-3-26 |View:7522

    On March 26, TUS-EST held an online conference for report of advanced deeds to support Wuhan and deployment of resumption of work and production, learning and implementing TUS-EST’s important spirit of coordination and promotion for the prevention and control of the Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia and conveying the latest requirements for the resumption of work and production. Wen Hui, Vice President of TusHoldings, Secretary of CPC General Branch and Board Chairman of TUS-EST and Board Chairman of Tus-Clean Energy Group, and Li Xingwen, President of TUS-EST, made comprehensive summaries, proposed clear requirements for the relevant work after the epidemic and encouraged all employees to remember the original intention, keep in mind the mission, actively assume responsibility and advance courageously in epidemic prevention and control and the resumption of work and production. Nearly 600 people from the Headquarters and five major segments of TUS-EST participated in the online conference.


    The Anti-epidemic Wuhan Support Work Team also shared its 40-day thrilling experience in Wuhan. Composed of 11 team members from the backbone force of the medical waste frontline, the team travelled 2,000 kilometers to Wuhan and achieved operational status within 4 days and 2 nights to give timely support.