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    Remarkable Achievements in Central South China – Official Operational Start-up of Tus Environmental Shaoyang Waste Tire Thermal Cracking Project
    Release:2020-12-30 |View:1404

    The ignition ceremony of Tus Environmental waste tire utilization project was held in Shaoyang, marking the official operational start-up of Shaoyang Waste Tire Thermal Cracking Project. The efforts of Tus Environmental have once again led in the field of solid waste and renewable resources.


    Attending the ignition ceremony were Jiang Zhigang, Vice Mayor of Shaoyang, Yang Xiaohua, Secretary of Xinshao County Party Committee, Zhu Liyang and Yuan Qingdan, President and Vice President of China Association of Circular Economy (CACE), Zhu Jun, President of China Tire Recycling Association, Sun Xudong, CEO of Tus Environmental and General Manager of Strategic Market Center, Wei Bin, Vice President of Tus Environmental and General Manager of Solid Recycling Center, and Zhong Suili, Director of Jinan Hengyu Environmental.