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    Huang Xiaowu Secretary of Bengbu Municipal Party Committee held a work meeting with Zhao Dong
    Release:2021-2-9 |View:1462

    On the afternoon of February 5, Huang Xiaowu, Secretary of Bengbu Municipal Party Committee held a work meeting with Zhao Dong, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and Executive Vice President of TusHoldings, and his entourage. Municipal government leaders Wang Cheng, Cao Shaobing, Wu Hanwei and Gao Shang as well as Second Level Inspector Wu Zhongyao attended the meeting.


    Huang Xiaowu welcomed the arrival of Zhao Dong and his entourage. According to him, Bengbu has outstanding advantages in location, humanities, education and industry, with a number of universities and scientific research institutes, a solid foundation for silicon-based and bio-based industries, high-end equipment manufacturing and digital economy, and a good business environment. It is time to invest in Bengbu, which is so booming today. We will further strengthen cooperation with TusHoldings and promote the in-depth integration of the industrial chain, the innovation chain, the talent chain and the capital chain, so as to build “three places, one area and two centers”. TusHoldings is expected to give full play to its role as a platform and make a win-win cooperation with Bengbu with complementary advantages, so as to jointly promote the revitalization of northern Anhui and better integrate into the integrated development of the Yangtze River Delta.


    According to Zhao Dong, TusHoldings will strengthen its all-round cooperation with Bengbu in the projects related to technological innovation, park construction, business incubation, digital sanitation and new infrastructure construction for the win-win development of both parties.