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      USUN Fine Chemical Products Limited
        中文版 English  
      Production Capabilities

      Located on Site of “SeaGate Chemical Science” in Haimen, 2 hours from Shanghai by car (See: Sites and Locations).

      Long term continuity:
      We are on-site a Chemical Production Park, with Central Waste Water Treatment Facilities run by Government and assurance for long term continuity.

      In-House Capabilities and Compliance:
      • Approved (EHS&QA) for commercial production of cGMP regulatory starting materials by world’s leading pharma
      • Multi Purpose Workshop with 30 reactors (Total 35.1 M3) and robust cleaning & validation procedures
      • Full Range of Reaction Sizes: From 20L to 3000L
      • Full Range of Reaction Temperature: Minus 80 Deg/Cent to 180 Deg/Cent
      • Accurate/Mild Temperature control: Extra warm-water-bath system covers all reactors with automatic temperature control, enabling accurate/gentle heating/cooling without localized over-heat.
      • On-Line Reaction Temperature Monitoring with “Exceed-Limit” Alarm.
      • High vacuum/precision distillation system for both Kilo Lab and Production Scale.
      • Nitrogen Protection and Powered Ventilation available to every production spot.
      • Low Temperature Storage Facilities for Products and Raw Materials
      • 6 Kilo Air-conditioned Kilo Labs with Automatic Air-Flow Control

      Extended Capabilities via Long Term Partnerships (> 10 Years, continued & ongoing) with highly reputed manufacturers (see Partnerships):
      • Production of cGMP Regulatory Intermediates and APIs;
      • Large Glass-Lined Reactors (10,000L)
      • Large Hydrogenation Reactors (5,000L)
      • Excessive production capacity
      • Under same Open-Book Policy under CDA/MSA, full batch-records deliverable.

      Technologies Industrial Production
      • Please see Our Experienced Chemistries at Production Scale
      • Experienced with Film Evaporation & Micro-Reactor

      Analytical Equipments: See Analytical Capabilities

      Special Raw Materials to which we have close access:
      • Cl2 (Chlorine)
      • C3H3ClO (Acryloyl chloride)
      • (COCl)2 (Oxalyl Chloride)
      • POCl3(Phosphorus Oxychloride)
      • ClSO2OH(Chlorosulfonic Acid)
      • CSCl2
      • CS2

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